Blueberries prevent heart attacks

Blueberries can help to prevent heart attacks.

The superfood fights hardening of the arteries, which can cause a cardiac arrest or stroke, researchers said yesterday. The team, at the US Department of Agriculture, tested the fruit on mice and found a big reduction in blocked arteries.

Blueberries are already known for helping to guard against diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But this is the first direct evidence that they could beat heart disease, the biggest killer in the western world. The researchers, based in Arkansas, now want to discover whether giving youngsters a diet of blueberries while growing up would help protect against artery hardening in later life.

Lead researcher Xianli Wu said: “Prevention may be specially important in light of the epidemic of childhood obesity, which increases the risk of artery hardening.”

So the message is clear, start growing blueberries, there is lots of information available free of charge at Know your Blueberries.


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